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Sells removable cell Lodge Mobile on wearer 4X4 Land Rover Defender 130/300 Double Cab with 6 tdi CG places – leader: Land Rover defender 130/300 dual tdi CG cabin with 6 places – 2 range rover seat in the front seat and 2 before punto at the back for comfort 4 – alu boxes between the right and left passengers throughout the cabin under siege length + AR + AR + under seat behind the passenger’s feet AR – deported Mirrors – Media spare wheel cover – suitable Suspension strengthened (AR: spring shock absorbers doubled + + air shocks independently adjustable) – Headlight Guards Front and rear galvanized – Pare buffalo – aluminum housing Protection – underbody protection – Full chest aluminum cell with inspection hatch for customs (ideal storage equipment: kitesurfing …) – the vehicle has been simplified to the maximum to be free from electrical faults (the front windows were ironed manual and air conditioning deleted: motor and mechanism available) – snorkel with cyclone filter – maintenance has always been followed by garage – Hard top aluminum + full gallery (over and above hard top cabin) with removable cell Polycomposit Mango: – lashing directly on the frame (not on the body) with chains and tyrants – 4 feet crank – Gallery – Scale – 1 Battery – Electrical panel with Schieber charge level of the batteries and water level – converter for 220V – Truma gas heating and forced air – 1 tank 150 liter of clean water – Hot water gas – 1 waste water tank 75 liters – Automatic Water Pump – Fridge 85 liter gas / 12v / 220v – Sink – Gas Hob 2 burners with protection cover – toilet cabin with toilet, sink and shower, outdoor shower – 2 beds 2 places curious refrain, no exchange. If you search for a camper to draw on the road and posting to the camping you will be disappointed / but if you try to think outside the box and then want to go home without any broken, then that’s what you.