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Van Sprinter 316 CDI 4X4 19 aoùt 2004
5-cylinder 156 hp
90000 KM certified original
gray card VASP 4 Places
A 100 liter tank and an additional tank of 120 liters of gas oil
reinforced rear suspension
Dual sliding doors
visor buffalo stainless
Tires Cooper S / T 235x75R 15 renforced Mud + Snow good condition
2 spare wheels (new tires) on the rear doors.
A holding tank located under the van receives water from the sink, sink and shower.
2 solar panels 130 Watts each, with two batteries discharge slowly.Full electrical autonomy
A forced ventilation system with the help of the sunroof, refreshes the cabin without opening the windows.
2.40 meters high including solar panels
Roof tent Columbus Carbon wide (not sold separately) to 3 beds inside and 2 in the roof tent. 4 adjustable chairs and swivel 360 ° and co-driver seat suspended . Cruise control Air conditioning Additional heating Mercedes (operating with fuel) for heating the cabin, preheat the engine and provide heat to the water heater. LED lighting. Plenty of storage equipped kitchen with oven and hob Wallas operating with diesel fuel. These devices have an exhaust on the roof of the van and are thus less dangerous than their gas, which they reject combustion gases in the cabin … it also avoids gas cylinders and multiple connections! Refrigerator uses a compressor and a eutectic plate which allows to arrange the two secondary batteries. It is able to realize that the batteries are being charged (either by the engine, by sector or by solar panels) and enjoy to accumulate cold in her eutectic plate. The WC use a vacuum instead of chemicals. The showers (located on the back panel and in the bathroom) have a button to stop and save water. The water heater uses heat from the engine or that of heating. It can also use the power sector. transformer 220 volts 12 volts. taken 12V current. Two 220V outlets: one is powered by the industry and the other by an inverter. Possibility to connect to the mains. The space back is split between the bathroom and storage.Between the wheel wells, three interconnected tanks for a total of 180 liters of water. Above the tanks to the bathroom, technical closet with the water heater, the various valves, water pumps, water filter, the battery charger and inverter. A volume of almost 1.5 m3 can store personal belongings but also food, tools and spare parts. The engine cooling system allows a small heater to heat the bathroom. Finally, the cooling circuit can be used to heat the water in the water tank to prevent freezing. etc …. Vehicle ready to go … ok CT Sale price: 46000 EUR Daniel: 06 72 92 91 96