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Sell ​​well-preserved 40 LT 4×4 with registered original front bar. Second approval. (Run about 10,000 miles) Among other repairs new complete cylinder head valve spring failure, front discs (about 20,000 km, only trips) and rear brake pads with brake wheel cylinders (about 10,000 miles). Age and use-related traces are naturally present. Been downsized to 3.5 tons, Refer if necessary requested information. The roof was lowered and reinforced so that there even heavier loads can be stored by the original owner, a broadcaster at the rear. A non-openable skylight was installed. All costs incurred repairs have been carried out in a timely manner to existing invoice. The vehicle is registered as a camper, but has no special interior work such as shower, solid toilet or other water installations. Instead, the existing stable and robust device was utilized and complemented by a large sleeping area in the rear. Also the isolation has not been changed, but opened to check the state behind. Everything could be, if desired, easy to remove. Sufficient movement and weather protection (in winter always closed in a dry and accommodation) was consciously designed. Some useful parts and materials can buy (including water hoses, new clutch, a set of used injection lines). Used Left sliding window is specified. Two special 4 x 4 original workshop booklets as well as the original VW accompanying documents are included. If interested, I like to send a file with detailed information. Please inquire by email.