We are selling our Land Rover Discovery 2 after our overland trip here in Southern Africa. It is with much regret that we will have to sell this vehicle here in Africa as there is no money and no use for it back in Europe. We would love to sell our orange jeep to other overland travelers or to anyone else who can use a vehicle that is reliable, strong and fully equipped. The car is registered in Belgium and would therefore need to be imported to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia or Malawi. We have all the official documents and we still have a valid carnet the passage.

Here is a list of what is included with the car:

*Roof tent in excellent condition (dimensions: 1.60 * 2.30) Very spacious!

*Camping gear such as very comfortable chairs, gas stove and bottle, camping lights, extra gas burner, shovel, two tables, basic cutlery and pots.

*Tools. Include extensive wrench set, screw drivers, torque wrench, drill, saw, hammer, small useful tools. Special wrench set for Land rovers (imperial size).

*Winch .Only been used twice!! Good make and quality! and proper winch bumper.

  • Spare tyre also mud terrain

  • Solar panel 80 Watts which has been so useful!

  • proper Fridge 30L still in good working order.

*Installed dual battery system. Which can also be charged with solar panel. Second battery does need replacement!

*Front light bar with 4 Hella lights and lights on the back and sides of the car ideal for camping and night safaris!

  • hi-jack

  • Spare parts for disco 2 such as air flow and abs sensors, water pump, fan, seals, gaskets , oil and fuel filters, injection wiring harness and other parts that will cover the typical faults for any discovery 2.

*Diff lock connection has also been installed so diffs can be locked which truly is necessary for off roading in sand and gravel.

*Garmin gps with tracks4africa.


*High performance air filter.

*2 Jerry cans and jerry can holder.

  • Green metal army boxes to store parts and tools; these will never ever break!. ….and more..

Further specs about disco 2: Mileage: 260000 KM 2.5L engine 5 Cylinders New suspension and shocks front and back Sturdy roof rack Winch bumper + winch electric windows NO AIRCON NO air suspension! Clutch and flywheel have been replaced 15000 km back Improved performance through small tweaks snorkel tow hook NO rear seats Dual battery system We need to sell the car in the next few weeks and some people have already showed interest. Please contact me only if you are really interested and want more information. We are open to drive the car to Namibia, Botswana, Malawi and South Africa and Zambia.


Contact me on the following email address: giskeso@hotmail.com

Price is negotiable but only a little bit!


Olivier and Anton.

Dutch and Belgium.

Car once more is registered in Belgium and has all official papers. Currently we are driving under carnet de passage!