Expedition Truck 4×4 for sale in La Paz, Baja, Mexico for 135.000 US$
Built by http://www.expeditievoertuigen.nl De Expedition Truck was delivered to us in November 2010 and the truck itself is from 1994. If you have never heard of DAF trucks: they are built in the Netherlands and the firm is owned now by Paccar in Canada, also owner of Kenworth and Peterbilt. DAF Truck in Europe is a big brand. Okay, not as big as Mercedes, but they are known for their quality. They also have a big factory in Brazil. DAF is very active in rally sports, they have won the Dakar Rally many times. Also many parts in the trucks are universal in the truck world. This truck is not even 25 years old and cannot be imported in the USA. No problem in Canada or Europe. The truck is in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico and can be seen and test driven. Please, only react if you are really interested and want to come and see the truck here in Mexico.
Price: 135.000 US$ VEHICLE: DAF 75 1994/2010 4×4, Turbo Intercooler, 240hp, 370.000km. 6 cyl. line 8.65 liter Euro 2, so no electronics. The truck is registered in The Netherlands. It is comfortable and in very good condition. Cabin very modern. Gearbox ZF 9 speed, high and low.
Total permitted maximum weight: 19 tons. Weight in running order with all full 13 tons.
Wheelbase: 4.20 meters. Length: 8.00 meters. Length, incl. spare wheel and motor support: 9.00 meters.
Height of vehicle including solar panels:. 3.6 meters.
Wide 2.55 meters
Cubic meters: 75.
Drive: 4×4 With sper diff on rear axle and longitudinal axes.
Tires: Goodyear MVT 395-85 / 20, tubeless, Split rims. 2 x spare tires, 40% profile. Wireless tire pressure monitoring system. Cruise control. Suspension: leaf springs. Shocks: 2 per wheel. Engine type: DAF RS180L, 240 hp, line 6 cyl Turbo Intercooler.
Brakes: Air drums.
2 x fuel tanks, a total of 700 liters.
Automatic greasing system of Groeneveld.
Starter batteries: 2x 75 amh optimax 1000amh cold cranking 4/2016.
Cab suspension. Cab protection with 4x halogen lamps. 3 x chairs in cabin, version leather. Next to each tire an air connection. Air conditioning in the cabin. Passage to the living area. Extra locks on all doors and hatches. Heated mirrors.
Towing eyes on the front and rear. Hydrolic winch, 7.5 tons through PTO. 2 x air cushions lift 60 tons on compressed air. 2 x aluminum sandbars. 2 x trailing ribbon with harps and pulley.
Spare parts: Starter. Alternator / Turbo. All filters: oil / diesel / air / air dryer.
Additional engine: off road Yamaha XT 600E, BJ 2002.
Built and finished 2010: LIVING AREA: GFK panels, 4.5 cm thick, polyester celcoat, so no paint that can scratch. External dimensions structure: long 6.10, high 2.20, wide 2.50 meters.
Structure torsion-free mounted using 8 pieces coil springs.
All windowframes, doorframes, shutterframes and superstructure frames are made of aluminum and welded.
Layout: kitchen, toilet, shower, sitting area, fixed bed and wardrobe. 6 Seitz windows with flyscreen, blind and solar shields on the outer side. Seitz Heki 1 hatch with blind and mosquito netting. Passage to the cabin. The outside door with 3 point closure and wire-blind door.
Sitting area: 1.20 x 1.90 meters.
Fixed bed: 2.00 x 1.40 meters with slatted frame and quality mattress.
Several closets in bedroom and a big secret box.
4 x deep cycle batteries (2015) of each 170 Ah. 4 x solar panels, 800 Watt 24 Volt with 2 x MPT Chargers Victron.
Struder 24-220V / 1750 watt rectifier brand from Switzerland. 
 Mastervolt 24/12 Volt 20 Amp.
Special 4-stepcomputer charger Sterling, 100 Amp for loading batteries while driving.
Mastervolt monitor system: MasterView easy / Mastervolt shunt 500 / Mastervolt DC Distribution 500 with all professional connections and wiring.
A real awning: Omistor 5003,
Cooling living area: Dometic HB 2500 220V Generator Honda 3000 watt gasoline in separate closet.
Small emergency air compressor.
INTERIOR: Interior made very spacious and modern with bright colors.
Floor: laminate which is also used in bathrooms with black rubber strips between the parts, as in boats.
TOILET/SHOWER ROOM: 135x 075 cm with solid ceramic toilet and shower. This wet room is completely coated on the inside with polyester. Black water tank in under toilet, 140 liters drains out with connection hose to dump point.
Shower drains to gray water tank, 195 liters, outside with the same system as the toilet.
There is also an outdoor shower, connected to a mixer tap.
KITCHEN: Draining board: 195 x 54 cm, with inset sink with mixer tap. Gas cooktop: 5 burner Zanussi, much cooking space. Dometic extractor. Smev gas oven. Under the kitchen 9 x drawers with heavy locks and conductors.
Above the kitchen 3 x cabinets and microwave 220V.
Refrigerator: Vitrifrigo, 133 liter, with freezer compartment.
Freezer: Vitrifrigo, 133 liters. Both with Denfort 12 / 24V compressor.
Hot and cold water. Lighting above worktop.
WATER: Watertank: synthetic, 500 liters under the sitting area with level measurement. In the tank: silver purification system Boel Water and 1 x carbon filter.
Water pump: 24 Volt surflow, pressure vessel 5 liters. Pipes of synthetic material.
Hot water marine boiler, 30 liters through engine heater or 800 watt 220V also works via inverter.
LIGHTING: 10 illuminations throughout the living and sleeping areas and 1 x outdoor lighting.
STAIRS: Entrance: solid stairs with 6 steps that slides under the cabin floor, so no hassle with loose steps. Telescopic ladder to the roof.
HEATING: Webasto Airtop Evo 5500 hot air with height adjustment.
INDOOR STORAGE: Design aluminum medicine cabinet.
1 x wardrobe, 2:00 wide, 2:20 high, 0.65 deep with:
4 x large drawers. 4 x large closets.
1 x freezer 108 liter.
1 x large sliding closet 1.20 x 0:20 x 0.50 meters. 2 x large pull-out drawers under seat.
1 x wardrobe.
1 x stairs to the bed with storage for shoes.
1 x closet in bedroom area with big secret box.
1 x storage compartment in a step towards cabin.
1 x big secret compartment for electronics etc. in the floor.
1 x garage under the bed with 2 large doors left and right also with 3 points closures, storage and crates with parts. Wide 1.35, high 1.00, deep 2.40.
2 x stainless steel storage closets under the upper structure.
On the right with outdoor kitchen and gas connection.
On the left with 4 x 20 liter jerrycans.Wide 1.35, high 0:40, deep 0.61. 1 x gas cylinder closet with 2 x 6 kg USA gas bottles and various items, 0.70 wide, 0.80 high, deep 0:55.
1 x water access closet with automatic roll-up hose system, 20 meters, with coarse filter, wide 0.50, 0.80 tall, deep 0:55.
1 x closet with boiler and miscellaneous, 0.70 wide, high 0:40, deep 0.65.
Price new: US$ 400.000,-. Our price: US$ 135.000,-.