GERMAN Expedition camper truck MAN 10.220 4×4.

A large sitting and living area, lots of storage space, king size bed, large kitchen counter, extremely short thus easy maneuverable!

Truck: 1997 – 360.000 km

Living quarters from 2006

Don’t let yourself deceive by her age or kilometers, the truck is in optimum condition and guaranteed without any problem ready for the next 300.000 km!

We are a Dutch couple (60 and 67) and enjoy this excellent expedition truck from 2007 on. From Florida on we enjoyed the USA, Canada en Alaska in a period of 4 years and have seen most of the beautiful parks and nature and drove the most barren dirt and sand roads in desserts, forests and National Parks.

In one year we crossed Central America and are now already 4 years in South America which we have seen from Cape Horn in Fire-land to the Amazon rain-forest in the North of Brazil and Colombia. We are still using the camper and are in Argentina now and are going on until sold.

The MAN is perfectly maintained and takes you anywhere over asphalt and the worst dirt roads. It is a short, easy to maneuver and excellent maintained truck with large sitting area and kitchen and lots of inside and outside storage space. The MAN has never let us down on the rough, muddy, stony, forest, or small mountain roads, rain or freezing cold. This is the KING of the road!

We are on our way to Colombia and Venezuela now, the truck is available in the course of 2016 in S-Am. and it knows its way back to the starting point; Alaska.

Are you interested in buying this truck to enjoy a great tour through South-America and drive it slowly back north over Panama to Canada, YOU MAY!!! It’s a wonderful life! When solo bicyclists, motor bikers and normal campers can do Alaska-Fire-land, YOU CAN!!

Our expedition truck is held by us in great condition during the 9 years we are living and travelling in it, fully equipped with household-sleeping-eating gear, tools, parts, filters and all the travel info needed. Of course things are replaced now and then.

We keep a logbook in which changes and reparations are mentioned.

With this MAN you can directly start your adventures journey without delay!

For Canada; we have good relations with a well-known Unimog dealer in the USA and a Unimog/Mercedes dealer in Canada who is able to inform you about us.

We drive on German border plates and title and you are allowed to import it into Canada because it is older than 15 years as ordered by the taxman. For the USA the age must be over 25 years!

Our consideration:

After travelling 4 years through Africa and another 4 years deep into Asia in self-build expedition campers we finally got the optimum camper.

After the construction of the two previous camper-trucks, we see this one as the ultimate lay-out for our “house on wheels”. We opt for strong, 4×4, no electronics, safe, short, low, with plenty of living and storage space, an adequate sleeping area, comfort, homey and plenty of room to pass each other. Furthermore, all materials must be easy to exchange with alternatives and defects easily to detect and repair.

If we should build another expedition camper, the choice would be the MAN 10.220 4×4 as an indestructible truck, and the blueprints of this one would be used for the next one and it should look exactly the same as the current one.

If you doubt about the condition of the camper’s interior or exterior after our occupation, we are willing on your behalf to make new pictures with your quote on it to verify that the pictures are recent.

Specification: MAN 10.220 4×4 350.000 km. 2 persons (1 small child)

Engine: 6.87 ltr. 6 cyl. diesel – in line 220 HP

Euro class: Euro 2 engine. No electronics no Ad-Bleu

Wheelbase: 3,65 mtr.

Length: Overall 6.35 mtr. (21 foot)

Height: 3.35 mtr. (11 foot)

Width: 2,35 mtr. ( 8 foot)

Full camper weight: 8.000 kg. Incl. 2 persons, water, diesel and food

Max. weight: 10.000 kg.

Gearbox: 6 for the road and 6 for the terrain

Locks: Differential lock on the rear ax

4×4 If needed by switch

Breaks: Air breaks and engine break

Tires: 6 new (sept. 2015) Bridgestone M748 Wide base 385 x 65 x 22.5

Spare tires: 2

Cabin seats; 2

Mirrors: Adjustable from inside and heated

Drinking water: 120 ltr. Stainless steel tank with bras taps

Washing water: 240 ltr. “ “ “ “ “ “

Gray water 50 ltr.

Diesel tank 300 ltr. Aluminum with side protection

Propane: 70 ltr. fixed tank in the Stainless steel box under the truck. (80% filling)

Heater: Propane + ventilator

Fridge 24 volt compressor on solar 24 hrs. 110 ltr. incl. 20 ltr. freezer

Solar: 350 watt

Interior battery: 2 x 155 AH (2016) + 2 x 66 AH (2012)

Engine battery: 2 x 110 AH (2015)

Hook-up: 220 and 110 Volt + 20 mtr cable

1 Inverter: 24 volt to 220 Volt 1500 Watt.

2 Inverters: 24 volt to 12 Volt (20A and 10A)

Battery charger: 24 volt 10A three steps charger

Radio/cd player: Inside

Radio: Truck Cabin


-Alarm: On the front doors when pushing the door knob and activated by an outside key

-Alarm signal: Horn (alternates) and 3 outside lights to give a good view of the area

-Starting: Special start method to prevent stealing of the truck

-Side door: 3 point locks with key + two extra inside locks.

-Storage door: 1 outside lock and extra steel pin from inside.

-Passage door: Steel plated door with ¾ inch steel pin and heavy lock in cabin. 50 x 55 cm.

-Roof window 2 times 12 x 12 inch.

-10 Discus locks: Same key locks for the stairs, spare tires, stainless steel boxes, oil stick and

-Fire extinguishers 2

Removable box: Aluminum snap-lock panels coated inside. Exterior L4.15 x H2.00 x W2.35mt.

Living quarters: Inside L4.05 x H1.85 x W2.25 mtr. Interior height is 1.85 mtr!!!

4 steel legs + jacks: Not available here (still in Holland)

Insulation: Wall: 55 mm Roof: 80 mm Floor: 70 mm

Windows: Double acrylic with roll mosquito net and curtain

Bathroom: Inside and outside shower, sink, cold and hot water, Port á Potty

Seats: 6-8 persons in living quarters 2 x 185 x 65 cm

Cushing: 5 inch thick

Sleeping: 2 persons (+child) 180 x 190 cm

Table: 135 x 60 cm.

Cooking: 2 burner propane (LPG-filling)

Water: Boiler 220 V. on engine or extern 220 V. 2 gallons

Sink: Hot and cold water + tap for filtered drinking water

Water filter: Seagull ceramic filter.

Kitchen vent: Electrical high/low.

Stairs: Aluminum and stable. Suspended from the side of the truck (for protection)

Also: Garden chairs, fishing chairs, table, awning, large umbrella with pen, shovel,

saw, 3meter long telescopic cutter/saw, 15 tons nylon towline (never used),

tennis rackets, table tennis, buckets, car washing equipment, laundry rack etc.


Socket set to 65 mm, wrenches, pinchers, pipe wrenches, many kinds of screwdrivers, pliers,hacksaw, filter change-pliers, small torque wrench 180 NM, large torque wrench (wheels) 475 NM to 900 NM), vise, 10 ton jack, winch to lift the spare wheels, drill 220V and battery drill, etc.

Many little boxes with nuts and bolts (M3 t/m M 24), screws, washers, drills hose clamps, tap-sets, keys, sheets, strip (also stainless steel) wood slats, plywood, polyester plate, paint, sandpaper, electricity cables and hoses. Some spare parts for security. Parts are easy to obtain in Germany or Holland by the regular dealers.

What more?

Replacement starting engine and alternator (every 2 years we change and recondition them)oil filters, fuel filters, air drier, water filters, booster cable (to connect to the internal batteries in emergency)

1 x wheel bearings and seals to use for all-wheels, part of a spring in case of with heavy U-connectors when broken, spare fans (for the kitchen, stove, kitchen exhaust, inverter, refrigerator), 15 meters

Gardena retractable flat water fill hose with many nipples, 2 x small 12 volt exterior water pumps to fill the water tanks for emergency from a no pressure source, spare bulbs for the house and for the truck, windscreen wipers, chocks, wheel blocks etc. etc.

We love to be sure in many things like parts and filters. We have some parts available, but as you know you never need them, but others!

Electric diagrams of the truck and the house, installation schedules, all construction drawings of the box. Logbook of all repairs and maintaining from the truck during the past 9 years.

Complete inventory:

All kitchen ware, pans, eating utensils, cutlery, towels, bedding, stocked food, outside furniture and parasol. Travel library of N- and S-America; books, maps, info. This is a very rough enumeration; everything that belongs into a house is also in our camper.

When you indicate what your intentions are with your full name and address, we can send you an even more comprehensive document with (technical) photos.

This beautiful MAGIC-MAN is ready to go!

Loet Kuijpers and Gerda Hoeben

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