My boyfriend and I are selling our best fellow traveller. We bought it in Belgium and shipped it to Canada to start our one year trip. We crossed Canada and the US and we are currently in Mexico. We will be back in California to sell the van in June before heading back to Belgium. We certainly wish we could bring our van back to Belgium with us but the shipping is quite expensive and we are on the road for one year now so you can imagine we are running out of money. We are the third owner. The second one was a specialized garage where we bought the van. So we have every bills from the beginning. It is in really good condition. We didn’t have any big problem since we started our trip. Here is what we did on the road : we changed the shoks in September 2017, the tires in December 2017, the vehicle battery in December 2017, the auxiliary battery in March 2018, the diesel filter in April 2018. We also changed the oil every 8.000 km. Before leaving we also lifted it up a little bit. We changed the side mirros. We installed a solar pannel system. We put an aditional locker on the side door. And we installed a road shower on the left side. Here is what it looked like in video before leaving Belgium (english subtitles) the inside we just added a couple of storages (and a wooden box where fits the auxilary battery and the converter), we updated the fridge, we changed the floor and the curtains. Besides that everything is original. There is a big propane tank for cooking. The water tank is 55 liters (14.5 gallons). There is also a tank for dirty water. Everything is working perfectly. The van is currently registered and imported in Quebec. The van will be available from around June 15th. As we are going back to Belgium by plane we can leave everything in the van if your are interested in (excepted for our clothes. :)) like a good tool box, a jump starter, reflectors for all the windows, spare parts, etc. Turbo Diesel 1.6 (engine was completly reviewed by the specialized garage where we bought the van and has only 50.000 km/31.000 miles since then) 51 Kw 70 PS 5 Speed Gearbox 46,664 DM 55 liters / 14.5 gallons freshwater tank with electric pump and lockable cap 20 liters / 5.3 waste water tank under the vehicle External 8kg LPG tank and 3 tap control 5 tires : 205/75R-15 General Grabber AT 2 Truck Fridge 49 Road shower (5 gallons of water) New syncro side mirrors Gowesty bumpers front and rear Tool box, diesel tanks and spare tire from Gowesty at the back 2m70/88.5 feet hight Original Westfalia inside Bed unfold 188 cm x 120 cm / 616,8 feet x 39,4 feet 2 double bed
If you have any question you can contact us at and follow the rest of our journey on Facebook / YouTube @WildWildWheels.
Ventura, CA