Very well cared for vehicle is ready for her next adventure. Outfitted with many extras (see list below), this vehicle is very reliable and able to tackle all conditions. Thoroughly checked and serviced every 5000 km along a six month overland trip, the vehicle is outfitted with Burnco drawer system, load guard etc, and is completely equipped to take to the road for a comfortable and safe journey.

VEHICLE: 80 Series Land Cruiser


FUEL: Diesel

MILEAGE: 375,000 km

SERVICE HISTORY: serviced every 5000km since purchased, most recently in UK, Lugano, Swizterland, Moshi, Tanzania, Lusaka, Zambia and Cape Town

CONDITION: excellent condition, no accidents, no surface rust, only minor chips

MODIFICATIONS: OME suspension, long range tank, rear spare carrier, front bull bar, winch, dual battery system, 140 litre water tank under vehicle, Burnco drawer system including fridge slide, safe and load guard

EXTRAS: (see full list below) roof rank and tent, Engel 40l fridge, aluminium roof box, awning side and rear plus many others


CONTACT: Randall Spalding-Fecher PM,

PRICE AND PRICE CONDITIONS: 11,000 GBP negotiable – can be paid in SA or USA.

Full list of modifications and extras:

Old Man Emu suspension
Cooper Mud Tyres x 5 and 1 spare wheel mounted on spare wheel arm in rear
ARB Bull Bar and Magnum front mounted winch
Auxiliary fuel tank (45 litres, added to 95 litre main tank)
Stainless steel water tank mounted under rear of vehicle (140 litres)
Hannibal roof rack with Hannibal self-supporting side awning
Eazi-awn 2 person roof top tent with mattress
Hannibal canvas awning mounted on rear of roof rack (5 x 3 meters)
Galvanized aluminium roof box
Auxiliary deep cycle battery with CTEK D250S Charger
Remote tyre pressure sensor (in cabin, with sensor on each tyre valve)
Battery monitor for auxiliary battery
Melville & Moon Seat Covers front and back (and spare tyre cover)
Tekla floor mats front and back
Burnco packing system in rear with three horizontal drawers, one vertical kitchen cupboard drawer, stainless steel table, fridge compartment, jerry can and stove compartments, concealed storage area and built-in safe
Load guard with canvas cover containing 10 expandable pockets
Recovery equipment (tow rope, snatch strap, 2 heavy duty shackles, snatch block, heavy duty gloves)
Engel 40 litre fridge with insulted cover
Air compressor (70 lpm)
LED work light mounted on spare tyre carrier
2 burner gas stove with windscreen
2 x 4.5 kg gas canisters with front runner racks (one mounted on spare wheel and one on roof rack)
Large braai grid that fits over spare tyre
4 collapsible aluminium camping chairs
Lifesaver Jerry Can membrane water filter with carbon filter tap
All necessary safety gear (3 red traffic triangles, 2 reflective vests)
0.6 kg fire extinguisher
1 kg fire extinguisher (next to passenger seat)
20m extension lead
2 round plastic washing tubs
1 large red plastic bin
Black spade mounted on roof rack
Heavy duty jumper leads
2 extra license plates
Magnetic fluorescent tube light
30 metre rope
Axe, firewood saw
Tool kit (Midas socket wrench, pliers and screwdriver set; hammer, hack saw, black silicone sealant tape 5m, automotive wire, pratly white cement, steel set glue, WD-40, utility knife, 5m measuring tape, extra battery clamps)

2 radiator hose pipes (inlet and bottom)
3 halogen bulbs (bright and dim)
1 radiator cap
1 water pump
battery terminal clips

Kitchen Unit (6 enamel plates, 6 enamel bowls, 6 SS tumblers, 4 SS mugs, 6 forks, knives, teaspoons, 1 liter flask (isosteel), Wooden tongs, Metal and plastic spatula, Metal slotted spoon, wooden spoon, pasta spoon, can opener, veg peeler, measuring spoons, bottle opener, 4 spice bottles,
Olive oil bottle, Vinegar bottle, plastic bottles for washing liquid, 3 x 1 litre plastic containers, oven mitts, Dish towels, Matches)

Pot drawer (Small Teflon Volcano saucepan, Large Volcano non-stick fry pan, Cast iron potjie pot, 3 SS bowls with lids, SS kettle 1 litre, Collapsible plastic colander, 4 large Tupperware containers, Vegetable steamer, Coffee plunger 1 cup)