If I was told I was to be dropped in the wilderness with just one piece of kit, I would choose my Leatherman Wave. I have owned it for nearly 9 years now and it still works perfectly.

I have used it for quick fixes on my vehicle, carving wooden utensils sitting around the campfire and opening more cans and bottles than I care to count. It has proves as equally usefull and versatile at home and when camping. I am rarely caught without it.

Although there are many models on the market, and many variations of Leatherman themselves, I find the Wave to have the perfect balance of tools and simplicity to make it an outdoorsmans best friend.

The diamond coated file is my favourite feature, i have used it both to cut through chains and keep my nails tidy, but the razor sharp serrated knife and strong pliers are brilliant too.

whether to keep around the house, or on your belt during an expedition. I personally promise that it is a purchase that you will never regret.


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