For sale is a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser 95, VX Model. I built this vehicle for a 2015 overland journey which went without incident (from the Landcruiser at least). I have since moved to another country on a permanent basis and therefore I would like to sell. Loads of pictures on request (

I am asking £12 995 and hoping for a quick sale at a competitive price. I am willing to deliver this car in Europe for the right selling price. It can be viewed in Scotland. You can call my Norwegian number (+47 94 504576) where I live now or drop me an email and I can call you back (

The base car was a FSH Toyota Landcruiser 95, right hand drive (UK) and in VX trim with leather seats etc. I have spent 2 months overhauling and transforming the Landcruiser into an overland vehicle. The vehicle is capable of tackling almost any terrain in the world while keeping the occupants safe and happy.

The vehicle is completely self-sufficient with water supply, batteries for electricity, fridge, cooking equipment and sleeping accommodation. All work has been carried out to a very high standard, avoiding cheap look-alike Chinese parts at all cost. The vehicle is ready to be driven on an adventure on the day of purchase without any further work. Of course there are always upgrades to be done if that is your idea of fun.

The vehicle can be used in two different modes;

Mode 1 – The back bench of three seats can be installed and the vehicle can carry 5 people very comfortably. This is idea for trips where long range fuel, water and spare parts are not required.

Mode 2 – The back bench of seats are removed and replaced with long range fuel, water , spare parts and tools. 2 people can then be self-sufficient off road in the wilds for around a week (distance dependent) comfortably.

The vehicle is in A1 mechanical health and ready for someone big adventure. Most importantly it has been on its initial shakedown trip to work out the little niggles. There has been nearly 1000 hours and £21 000 spent and the next owner will be getting a real bargain.

[U]Details of the Overland Equipment:[/U]

• Professionally fitted steel roof rack with Howling Moon roof top tent.
• Front LED light bar front (incredibly bright). Rear LED lights for camp setup. Both of these lights are controlled from inside the cab.
• High lift recovery jack, shovel and pot belly BBQ mounted on the roof.
• Tuff trek 2,5m awning with side wall. Amazing for shade and shelter from the rain.
• Touch screen sad nav with complete world GPS map coverage (the most essential piece of equipment). This unit had Bluetooth, dvd, mp3 and ipod compatibility.
• Complete battery split charging system and 140Ah battery. Charge from the engine or from a 240V supply when plugged into the mains.
• 12V sockets, USB charging sockets and 240V sockets running from an msw inverter. The vehicle automatically switched from 12v to 240V when connected to the mains electricity.
• A high capacity tyre air compressor (high cfm) with quick connect outlet.
• Engle 35L fridge with a highly efficient motor that uses 12v or 240v (automatically switches). The fridge opens from the top and is mounted on fully extendable runners for easy access.
• Rear storage system including 2 x fully extendable 800mm drawers and several shelves for the fridge, cooking equipment and personal equipment.
• A Kanz style kitchen with detachable aluminium legs. This is a replica made by me. It come with a propane 2 burner stove (with grill) and propane bottle.
• A sink that attaches to the side of the Kanz kitchen, also with detachable legs. Water supplied by on-board pump.
• 12V internal LED lighting strips. Battery meter and electrical control panel at the rear door.
• 50L additional fuel in removable plastic storage can.
• 100L of on-board water in 25L food grade removable storage tanks.
• Submersible water pump and all the equipment to supply a kitchen tap and a shower (cold sorry). A charcoal water filter for purifying dirty water.
• Several large aluminium boxes for storing equipment. These all fit into a specific place in the car.
• Hidden safe with deadbolt and keys.
• Solid table that packs flat and slides into car roof. 2 Chairs that pack flat.

[U]Details of the Mechanical Overhaul:[/U]

• New bushing on the entire vehicle (not a small job!). Dives and handles like a dream.
• New anti rollbar links front and rear.
• New steering rack ends, rods and rod ends. Steering rack overhaul (oil, seals etc. by Toyota)
• New old man emu (OME) suspension setup front and rear. Uprated for the additional overland equipment weight.
• Break caliper overhaul front and rear with new pistons and seals. All brake hoses and the front hard pipes were replaced.
• New break disks and pads front and rear.
• New radiator, hoses and water pump. The timing and drive belts were all changed here.
• Complete service on the engine, gear box, diffs and all running components.
• 5 new tyres including the spare. 60% tread left on all. Scorpion ATRs. These never punctured once.

[U]Additional Mechanical Part Included;[/U]

• 2 x complete service kits (oil, air, fuel filters etc.)
• Spare drop links
• Spare drive belts
• The original rear seats (the fold down ones to make a 7 seater)
• Aluminium boxes, cargo straps and lashing.

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