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LAND ROVER 110 Td5 Defender 

Year 2000
Mileage 126500
MOT until Nov 2015
The sale will include the private plate.
The Land rover has a solid chassis and bulkhead. It was wax oiled 3 years ago and is due another dousing but I think it advisable to hold off doing this so the chassis and underside can be thoroughly inspected.
Both front and the rear doors have been wax oiled on the inside.
I would describe the Defender as being in good condition although it has a few cosmetic faults and niggles. It has been serviced regularly & when parts have worn out they have been replaced with quality parts. There are a stack of receipts, MOT certificates, tax discs etc available for you to inspect to satisfy your curiosity,  
If you would like to see other photos of particular parts or showing specific items please drop me a line.
Work carried out
Patriot Full length roof rack with rear ladder
Custom roof rack storage boxes, powder coated black with locks & gas lifts to hold lids open.
2 x rear LED work lights switched from dash
Hi-lift jack mounted on rack
Chequer plate protectors on wings, bonnet & sills.
Td5 bonnet spare wheel mount (I don’t drive normally with this in place, only when we’re off on a trip.)
Rear swing away wheel carrier
6 brand new BF Goodrich mud terrain tyres in size 255/85 x 16. The tyres on the vehicle have done approx 2000 miles, the 2 spares have never been used. This size of tyre works excellently on the Land Rover – it has a diameter about 2″ larger than the normal tyre size, the larger rolling circumference means the engine revs slightly slower at any given speed. In real terms the speedo used to read 50 for a GPS measured speed of 46 – now at 50 you’re really doing 50 so about 8% reduction in revs! It also gives an extra 1′ ground clearance for anyone who cares!
3 further spare alloy wheels with older tyres – these were intended for a camping trailer that never got past the planning stage.
Genuine safari snorkel
Tubular Bumper
Steering guard
Stainless grill & head light surrounds
Xenon headlight upgrades (awesome!)
2 x stainless bumper mounted 100w spot lights
1 x LED light bar mounted on the roof rack – phenomenal lumen output without draining the batteries.
LED light upgrades to sidelights, braking lights & indicators.
I have a full set of 5 window security grills which I used to prevent my dogs from launching themselves out of the windows at traffic lights however I removed them as the powder coat had failed & they need stripping & re-coating. All the internal nuts are mounted to the vehicle, they just need tidying before re-fitting.
2 x Side lockers. These are starting to rust as the powder coat has allowed water ingress. These & the side windows were fitted by Foleys.
2 x Sliding side windows.
The ‘Zebra’ stripes were initially done as a bit of a joke. As a kid my favourite TV program was Dactari. It was professionally done by a company that apply sponsorship transfers to yachts for my birthday & was supposed to be taken off. However I loved it and it’s been on ever since. They could be removed if you wanted a boring old plain white van or were having a respray but they have their advantages. Other drivers seem to love them  & I never have trouble pulling out of any junction, people just stop & let you go – it’s remarkable. So far (and touch wood) they have been an effective anti-theft device. 2 other Defenders have been stolen from my village but Clarence has remained unmolested. Either the potential thieves realise that they would be very recognisable as they made their getaway or they just have more taste than me, who knows?
Reversing camera/ rear view mirror. This is switched from the dash and can be left on to enable you to see to the rear – visibility without it is pretty poor.
3 x new Front seats
Seat riser to give more legroom on drivers side
Full Raptor dash so this includes a glove box, full metal trim, centre console & instrument binnacle. Leather trim to top of dashboard. I have the matching leather trim for the 2 front doors and the instrument binnacle but have never got round to fitting it.
Mounted in the console are a volt meter, turbo boost gauge and oil temperature & pressure. All working correctly.
La Salle full length heading which mounts:
Upgraded stereo with bluetooth connectivity for both phone & music.
A pair of speakers to compliment the dash mounted Land Rover ones.
Clarion sub-woofer with remote control mounted to the bulkhead behind the centre seat. It isn’t an audiophiles dream set up, but it works well and sounds good.
Small 3 spoke steering wheel
The Defender has been soundproofed throughout as follows:
Under bonnet thinsulate sound deadener (the correct stuff – oil, water  & fire proof)
The seat box, floor, bulkhead & the rear tub of the vehicle are all covered in sound insulation. Underneath the headlining & internal trims is thinsulate sound insulation & closed cell foam. In the doors closed cell foam pads. It isn’t, nor would it ever be a whisper quiet environment however the insulation did an excellent job and you can now hold a conversation at 60mph without raising your voice. At speed the engine noise is almost completely excluded, but there is still wind noise and transmission whine.
T Max Split charge system with remote controller. This gives an readout of the voltage in the individual batteries and also allows you to connect them manually. There are 2 heavy duty batteries under the passenger seat.
Dash mounted android tablet with sat-nav.
Dog guard
Inside the rear of the Defender are 2 side mounted storage lockers and a full length steel storage drawer (Mobile storage solutions type). There are 2 interior fluorescent lights on individual switches.
There are 2 fire extinguishers, one in the passenger footwell and one in a rear side locker.
The Landy has recently had 2 x front callipers & a new starter motor.
It has an IRB performance intercooler, EGR removal and IRB Stage 2 remap.
The centre box of the exhaust has been removed and has a straight through stainless pipe. Sounds good from the outside but not noticeable in the cab. The work was done to compliment the remap & intercooler replacement.
Anti roll bars – these made a massive difference when fitted. None of the vans had anti-roll bars out of the box and they are a must for safety and handling.
Up-graded steering damper.
The Landy has had a new cylinder head gasket fitted and the plastic locator pins have been replaced with the more modern steel items.
There are all sorts of odds and ends I have accumulated over the years which will be included in the sale if you want them. 
Brand new NATO towing hitch that can replace the ball currently fitted
2 x bucket seats 
Firstly, I love my Landy. I don’t want to sell it and I had every intention of having a viking burial where it was set alight & pushed off a cliff with me in it. I’ve enjoyed the fiddling and the messing around and cannot overstate how great it is to have a vehicle which will take everything you throw at it and shrug it off. It looks its best when it’s lathered in mud and is full of stinking, wet, muddy dogs. You don’t need to be precious with it or worry about floods or snow or getting stranded in the winter.
Unfortunately I’ve discovered I a have a number of arthritic joints which have deteriorated rapidly., I’ve had to have both hips replaced, both shoulders and one knee re-surfaced and I quite simply can’t drive a manual car for any distance. Not just the Landy, but any manual car. I thought about having it converted to an automatic but the costs are (at least for me) prohibitive. I’ve been putting off this sale but I have to let it go!
As to what it’s worth. I have no idea. I have been told assorted figures by various individuals and Land Rover ‘experts’ but ultimately it’s only worth what somebody will pay. I don’t think it’s an ideal vehicle to buy off eBay unseen and would prefer prospective purchasers to view the vehicle. Like all Land Rovers it’s a bit eccentric – not in terms of reliability but odd things which I’ve grown not to notice but which may bother you. For instance there is a small leak into the passenger footwell sometimes when it rains & the heater only works on the windscreen & windscreen & feet settings – it won’t blow into the footwell alone. Neither of these have ever bothered me enough to chase down the causes.
So I have listed the vehicle with a high reserve because I would like the new owner to have seen the Landy in the flesh before they buy it.