Rigid Industries mission statement is simple: Design and manufacture the best forward projecting LED lighting products in the world. Rigid Industries started production of LED light bars back in 2006 and have become one of the LED light bar industry’s leaders with top critically rated lighting products. Unlike many competitors, Rigid Industries LED light bars are designed and built in the USA.

Product Features

  • 120 raw lumens per watt LEDs with 50,000 hour lifespans
  • 97 percent efficient LED driver
  • Patented Hybrid, Specter and Hyperspot optics technology
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Molded silicone lens seals
  • Multi-section circuit board design

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Rigid Industries Products

  • E-Series LED Light Bars: This is Rigid’s original LED light bar designed to be the best long-distance beam light bar on the market. Available in lengths from 4″ inches to 50″ inches, the E-Series lights are supplied in spot, flood or combo patterns
  • D-Series LED Lights – These spots are versatile small LED light pods with a variety of mounting options. The D2-Wide pod with amber LEDs makes excellent fog lights, and these LED spot lights can be mounted on bumpers, roof racks front and rear, and used as side lights.
  • Dually X-Series – Duallys are the next generation of the D-Series with brighter LEDs. The Dually XL Flood features a 3 x 3 LED individuals

These are some seriously cool, and incredibly well-built lights, but they do come with a hefty price tag! They are a little bit more affordable in the USA, but very pricey in Europe, at expedition vehicles for sale, we would love to have these as a permanent fixture on a few of our vehicles, we are just not sure if we could justify the price over cheap Chinese-made light bars!