This awning the the culmination of a collaboration between two 4×4 gear companies: Rhino Rack and Oztent.

Known variously as Foxwing awnings, Hawkwing awnings, and Batwing Awnings, the Oztent Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning is the original ‘wing’ style awning – Oztent is where the whole thing started.

The Oztent Rhino Rack Foxwing awning is something very different from most vehicle awnings – Rather than a standard rectangle with two legs, this vehicle awning utilizes an entirely different formula. This vehicle awning attaches to your vehicle or roof rack the same as most other 4×4 awnings – and looks exactly the same when packed down – however it is pivot-hinged at the back with four pole struts mounted on the hinge. After unzipping the PVC cover, the vehicle awning can be swung outwards on the pivot. In doing so, the Foxwing awning opens right up like a wing. The result is a 5 segmented awning which extends right around the side and back of the vehicle, including, crucially over the back door of the vehicle, giving 10 square meters of shelter or shade. After folding out the awning itself, extend the four vertical poles and slot them into the ends of the pole struts, peg out the guy ropes, and that’s it.

We found the setup to be simple enough – Rhino Rack advise that setup can be done with only one person. This is possible, but we strongly recommend two people set this vehicle awning up – The design of the Foxwing awning is such that when unfolding, a lot of pressure is placed on the pivot hinge before the four supporting legs are deployed, and despite the robust construction, we think it would be all too easy for one person to make a wrong move while attempting to support the awning and deploy the legs at the same time, which could result in the pivot hinge breaking. Deploying the Foxwing awning took us around 5 minutes with two people, which for the amount of shelter this vehicle awning gives, we think is very respectable.

The Rhino Rack Foxwing awning’s base mounts up to the side of the vehicle or roof rack like any conventional 4×4 awning, it bolts up nicely and easily, requiring requires fixing points at least 800mm apart. It took us about half an hour to fix this up to a regular roof rack.

Regarding build quality, the Foxwing awning is constructed in high quality aluminium, the poles are all high quality and awning fabric itself is ripstop polycotton canvas, impregnated with a UV and mould resistant coating and a water protection rating of 1500mm – making this extremely resistant to even the heaviest downpours. Overall the feel of this 4×4 awning is of high quality, and everything from the poles and pivot hinge to the stitching on the canvas is built to last. When you’re packing up, everything packs into a drawstring bag, and there is a small strap to pull everything tight before going into the outer storage bag.

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The Oztent Foxwing Awning is 2.6m in length, and there is now a smaller ‘Eco’ version available for smaller vehicles, which is 2.1m. Another great feature when choosing this Foxwing awning is that it is available in left hand and right hand versions, so you can pick your preferred side at point of purchase – This is very handy if you have a side door you want to cover, or a roof tent mounted on a particular side. Additional accessories can be purchased for the Foxwing awning such as lean-to sides, but it is worth mentioning that as yet, no full room sides are available for this vehicle awning, meaning that it’s not possible to create a fully enclosed space to either keep the heat in, or the mosquitos out.

As regards price, the original sized awning retails at around £600, the smaller version at about £350. This puts the Rhino Rack Foxwing awning up there on the more expensive side of the 4×4 vehicle awning market, however when you consider the excellent build quality and the amount of technical detail which has gone into the Foxwing awning, we think this price tag is justified.

Overall, we like the Rhino Rack Foxwing awning. It does a specific job very well, and is excellent for around vehicle cover – perfect for example, for campers who like remain dry and shaded whilst cooking, changing, or moving in and out of rear of their vehicle, whilst retaining useful awning space around the side simultaneously. The pivot hinge is of slight concern to us, particularly if using this in adverse windy conditions, but as long as care is taken when deploying the Foxwing awning, and in windy weather, the Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning will suit weekend campers and expedition-minded travellers alike.

  • Quick & Easy to set up and pack down (can be set up by 1 person)
  • UV Protected Waterproof MouldShield™
  • Rust Proof or Corrosion resistant Aluminium Poles
  • Approximately 10.0m coverage with an opening span of 270 degrees
  • Fits all Rhino-Rack, Thule and Yakima roof racks with specific fitting kits
  • Fits Pioneer trays and other leading brands

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