Howling moon Safari Awning

The Howling Moon safari awning is an original and extremely popular 4×4 awning, perfect for expedition vehicles or for those who don’t mind splurging a bit extra to receive a durable and reliable vehicle awning. With over 30 years of experience, this South African company has a wealth of experience in producing safari equipment, particularly their highly- rated roof top tents.

Designed exclusively as part of the ‘Safari’ range from Howling Moon, this 4×4 awning is a brilliant ‘all- weather’ protector, offering reliable shelter from both the sun and inclement weather and is stable in wind due to the additional guy ropes and pegs that are supplied with the awning. Another brilliant advantage of the Howling Moon safari awning is that the legs are telescopic. The result of this is that during heavy rainfall, there is no requirement to let drop the canvas (unlike the self supporting type). A much simpler procedure is used with this 4×4 awning; simply twist to unlock and lower one side to allow the rain to run off. This does not affect the sheltered area under the awning and can be carried out whilst the awning walls are in place.

The Howling Moon Safari 4×4 awning is available in various sizes and is fitted via the usual aluminum extrusion onto your roof rack or roof bars. The vehicle awning fits most makes of vehicle rack systems and can also fit to standard caravan tent extrusion. A feature of extra ease and rigidity on this 4×4 awning is that the upright poles have feet that can be pegged down. This feature isn’t present on many of the 4×4 awnings on the current market, but it allows you to escape the task of pegging guy ropes out in light to medium winds. Additional guy ropes are supplied with the safari awning for use in strong winds.

Howling Moon claim that the set up time for this 4×4 awning is less than one minute, this is a bold claim but one that we found to be true in the following circumstances; the additional guy ropes and pegs do not need to be applied (in strong winds) and you are not applying the sides. We found that when these tasks were added in to the set up time, a new total of just over four minutes was formed, that is with two people involved in the set up. With just one person involved in the 4×4 awning setup the set up time increases to over six minutes. This is a respectable set up time but longer than some other awnings on the market, for example the ARB awning that comes in cheaper than the Howling moon awning.

Product Features

• Howling Moon vehicle awnings offer instant protection from the sun and inclement weather.

• Folds into a zip up waterproof PVC cover.

• Fits most makes of vehicle rack systems and can fit to standard caravan tent extrusion.

• Roof made from hard wearing olive heavy duty ripstop material

• Folds out and folds away in less than one minute.

• All aluminium components.

• Stable in strong winds (additional guy ropes and pegs supplied).

• Optional front walls and side walls available.