HIGH ROOF T3 SYNCRO, EZ 1989 truck ADMISSION (148 € Tax – former ambulance – Self-expanding mobile home) We split up after over four years of a faithful companion. To Syncro-Kenner – please call ahead! TRAVEL READY + RELIABLE The vehicle has been continuously technically maintained. (Invoices from specialist workshops available) new or replacement parts for the past four years: (pure material costs about 3,500 €) Cylinder head / valve cover gasket 1.9 TD (AAZ engine from Golf 3) tires on alloy wheels turbocharger, Krümer, muffler almost all water hoses alternator and starter injection pump (Original) Water Reservoirs timing belt, fan belt new or replacement parts in the last year: recon (pure material costs about 2,000 €) rear transmission (with warranty) every 10 tkm oil change including oil filter new air and diesel filter front wishbone tie rod bearings rear spring battery and lots of little things the mileage from AAZ engine (invoice available) was when installed at about 85000 km, currently about 120,000 Recording the speedometer cable in the sub-transmission is defective. The second dashboard with many instruments have been retrofitted, but not yet connected. The spare wheel (15 inches) does not fit into the holder between the front wheels and was mounted on the roof, as rear-carriers are rare / expensive. The vehicle height is 2600 mm with a spare. Apart from the windows of the driver’s compartment and the rear side door (pushed) all windows are double mobile home suitable for plastic windows (even tailgate). The front windows (driver’s side) can be opened, the rear has a jump inside. The front sloping roof window has small leaks that can be fixed. Test drive the premises is possible – handover logged out of a purchase agreement for cash. More details at any time upon request by e-mail: kontakt@das-freie-buch.de or by phone: 07834-865640 or 07836-955744