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First owner, No accidents differential lock front and rear, mech. 100% Seikel Tag: Lift kit (springs, shock absorbers) tires 225/75 R16 (5x Conti LM90 new) approved special vehicles RV, expanding the original Westfalia Gas tank outside TÜV from the tank re-gas test new Truma 1800 refrigerator, solar panels; 2. battery engine ATM “JX” turbodiesel without tinkering, but with additional oil cooler walk Roof Racks (Zölzer) vehicle. VW werkstattgepflegt (invoices available) basic restoration new Hohlraumversiegelung from 1 day Non smoking vehicle We part with a heavy heart of our faithful Bully because unfortunately we can no longer use it for health reasons. In recent years (see photos), we have restored the bus lovingly into what companies can (all records available). The car has been driven on approved roads, never off-road, off-road course or even Trials / Motorsport …

27318 Hoya, Germany

Tel .: +49 (0) 4251 590744

Tel .: +49 (0) 174 2139814

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