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Toyota HZJ 78 Alcove high roof The vehicle is technically in good condition and is ready for its interior design. I am selling the car because I no longer have time to finish it. The basic technical base of the vehicle is good, the six-cylinder diesel engine with 4.2 liter displacement and 130 hp is a very reliable machine. The five-speed manual transmission was rushing at about 250.000kg. The chassis is still in order, but it already has 290.000km down, I have, however, still a completely new lie in the garage. In the vehicle two Recaro Spot seats are installed (driver’s seat with electric adjustment, air conditioning, heated seats) for the expansion of world travel vehicle I have several parts, such as a 180 liter auxiliary fuel tank, Aufstellfenster and Luke for the high roof, side skirts, marquee and various small parts. The high roof is not a self-made, it was made by company Desert Tec and mounted. The vehicle has a camper registration and is logged in, can therefore also sample hazards. If you have further questions about the vehicle you can contact me at 015234239463