Renault B 110 4X4 vehicle firsthand the past 6 years logged, no winter, only spring to autumn. When the first owner, a gas pipeline company, the vehicle was only as a replacement cars in operation. The car had until now the original finish (see Figure 1) because of several small dents and rust spots he has been expertly and professionally repainted. Body and wheel rim original front, only rear left and right, the panels are cut out and been expertly re-welded. All cavities are treated with special material. Brake line front and rear new, all oil and filter again. Starter and alternator overhauled engine and transmission oil einwandfrei.kein loss total of the vehicle virtually “unbreakable”. Winch 3500kg All TÜV-tested points. Interior dimensions 3,60m x 1,95m stow LHB x 1.70m Overall dimensions with winch LB 6,00m x 2,00m x 3,00m H doors can be opened from the inside, screwed back wall.