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This Pinzgauer 6×6 motorhome expansion and desert-compatible equipment knows no boundaries.

After he is from Africa back we would let him go on. Absolutely demand facilities for long or not so long journey: – up roof with sleeping space for 2 adults. For 2 children the seat can be turned down. – 2 burner gas cooker – sink with faucet, 70 liter fresh water tank – refrigerator with freezer – ample closets for food, clothing, etc. – 2 solar modules, additional 2x 100Ah solar batteries 24 / 12V – 6×6 drive. All axes can be disabled. – Air compressor (truck model, not a toy) – 12 additional canisters (gasoline or water) – Clay plates, cyclone air filter, contactless ignition etc. etc. … – Mileage lt Tacho 38,000 He wants to return to big ride. Are you coming along.

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