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Unimog 1300L, ex-fire service rescue vehicle rebuilt as expedition camper with seven seats in 2012/13; 5,6l straight six-cylinder diesel, 75,500 detectable Original kilometers, EZ 1984.
As part of the expansion of the stainless cab were professionally isolated, reupholstered the seats and integrated 12V and 220V connections for GPS and chargers; Raised 5 new Michelin tires on tubeless rims XZL and the size registered (365 / 80R20). The rustproof suitcase was vollentkernt, isolated and by the company Schnierle a C-rail system ground with 4 seats was built. Lightweight but sturdy furniture in a U-shape give ample storage space and a seating area that can be converted into about 30 seconds to bed (236x130cm). The chassis was equipped with 4 professional shock absorbers from the rally-raid assortment of brand Proflex. . Very expensive but unbeatable on
slopes. Mass suitcase outdoor 320x242x155cm, inside 308x236x142,5cm
To Headroom: the interior height of the case was deliberately maintained as not to impair the legendary off-road capability; A high trunk reduces the lateral stability of a soft frame as the Unimog considerably; My point was to incorporate a robust, simple but comfortable interiors to accommodate up to 7 people and can view. A 2013 built, new Eberspächer diesel air heating keeps the trunk warm. All oils, brake fluids and filters were changed regularly by Mercedes-Benz specifications (only brands Synthetic oils according Unimog manual). On the subject of countershaft ventilation: front, equipped with Unimurr copy of HP Hommes. On the rear axle the vents were highly placed in the trunk;is working. ! Problem solved The car consumes compared to its payload capacity very little: What I would have to otherwise carry in two bush taxis, the Unimog carries loosely over hill and dale and consumes significantly less than two big all-wheel cars that would have been necessary for my use purpose otherwise.  Consumption Address:. 21-24l / 100km, depending on the terrain Dune share 23-28l / 100km in Morocco (never exceed the 30l limit) speed is leisurely 85km / h. The Unimog is thoroughly checked and immediately ready to leave. The car was 2012- 13 built for far more than 30,000 €  (about together counted four months working from morning to night), and the made ​​what it is today: a compact, reliable Expeditions coach for up to 7 people but also for two very pleasant to live and travel the is, with all the space. Big safe box, shower, etc. 15-ton winch with 55m rope !! Fully Stainless and when purchased with a new MOT.

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