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This vehicle lends itself beautifully to conversion to RV or expedition vehicle. We are happy to have you actively help!Now the vehicle: The Vario 2014 was worked up again. All old internals of the case were removed. Currently, the vehicle has a weight of nearly 5 tons. . GVW 7,5to The vehicle was used as an environmental measurement vehicle.The work-up included: Dismantling of the case from the frame . sandblasting chassis, then treated with anti-rust, primer and industrial paint box body primed and painted the car was converted to single tires. It has 4 new wheels (custom-made plus full-size spare) with 285/70 R19,5 tires. Furthermore, special drums were made ​​as protection for the rear brake disc made ​​of stainless steel. through the driver’s cab in the size 60x70cm with bellows. Currently a dual seat is installed, however, it is also possible to mount a single seat. The case has the following internal dimensions: 2.47 m wide , 2,06cm high and 4,27m long. Furthermore, has the suitcase over 2 skylights and 2 windows Seitz. All windows and hatches can be darkened by a blind. For the case a heater and various voltage converter exists. These are currently dismantled and gladly settled. Additional technical equipment: AF6 = axle ratio i = 4,300 A71 = differential lock rear axle B16 = brake Hydraulic 2 circuit E04 = Electrical 24V F07 = cab short F77 = Soundproofing addition GF1 = Gearbox 5 S-42 GV5 = transfer case VG550 IA1 = Axles 4×4 IR0 = wheelbase 4250mm MN2 = Motor OM 904 LA 100 kW M41 = generator 80A Q12 = crossmember amplified without AHK Q81 = parabolic springs front reinforced Stage II V28 = insulation floor X57 = noise measures EG92 / 97 Manual 5 speed Radio Cassette Phone Speaker Nokia Tachograph paper analog vehicle from 1. Hand! Ideal conditions for conversion to expedition vehicle / camper.We answer more questions like phone! Green EPA Sticker by particulate surcharge possible! part exchange and financing possible. All information contained herein subject to change. These do not represent assured characteristics. The-Verkäufer.de not liable for typing errors, transmission errors and the like.

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