After spending a couple of years with cheap seats for camping, we realised we needed something more supportive, hard-wearing and less likely to lead to back problems in later life.

If you own a campervan, expedition vehicle or just like to spend a  lot of time sitting by the campfire, we could not recommend anything more than the Oztent range of camping chairs.

These robust chairs are amongst the most comfortable pieces of furniture we have ever sat in, their folding portability is almost a forgotten second feature! Although they are more expensive than a lot of the other options out there, they come with a lifetime warranty, insulated beverage holders and bags, which neatly roll up and zip into the headrest for extra padding.

An investment that we are incredibly glad we made and one we recommend that you do too!

Comfort models available in two kinds:

Our choice (plenty comfortable):

It’s even more comfortable big brother:

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