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Frontier Folding Portable Stove

Due to the bulk of this item, it may not be perfect for everyone, but for the overlander The Frontier Stove is a great addition. Easy to set up and maintain, it folds down to a compact, small suitcase size and weighs about 12Kg. it is the perfect size for cooking on, or warming an awning area. We use it in conjunction with the universal flue kit with our BusDepot awning, it also used to get a lot of use from the back of our land rover. Unlike a fire, this can be used inside an enclosed space and does not throw...

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ARB Awning Review

The ARB Awning is one of the most popular vehicle awnings on the 4×4 awning market, and for good reason. The ARB is versatile; useful for both shade, and protection from the weather, and the price point (£200-300 for a stock model) places the ARB awning at the more economical end of the scale when it comes to vehicle awnings. The ARB awning is available in three widths – 1.25m, 2m, and 2.5 metres – All with a 2-metre projection from the vehicle. One of the most key factors when looking at 4×4 vehicle awnings is set-up time. We...

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The Survival Medicine Handbook

The caption on the front cover of the survival medicine handbook describes it as a “guide for when medical help is NOT on the way”. We have the much smaller ‘wilderness and travel medicine‘ for quick reference and immediate action covering all of the injuries or illnesses that we are likely to encounter. We have also read and keep a copy of this survival medicine handbook as the procedures detailed in here covers all possible medical issues from the assumption that you are the end of the line. In almost all circumstances we should be able to use a combination...

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If I was told I was to be dropped in the wilderness with just one piece of kit, I would choose my Leatherman Wave. I have owned it for nearly 9 years now and it still works perfectly. I have used it for quick fixes on my vehicle, carving wooden utensils sitting around the campfire and opening more cans and bottles than I care to count. It has proves as equally usefull and versatile at home and when camping. I am rarely caught without it. Although there are many models on the market, and many variations of Leatherman themselves,...

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